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Expert Articles & Advice

Beneficial Bugs: Insects You Actually Want to Keep Around!

  When you think of summer and insects, you think of the nuisance of gnats flying around your face, the  miniature chainsaw buzz of them landing in your ears, and several months of itchy, red welts from mosquitos making your vacation less than picturesque.

Tips On Raising Poultry

Raising chickens on your estate or even in your backyard is a very fulfilling activity that requires dedicated time and practice. No matter how large of an operation you’re running, there are many important tips on raising poultry that every beginner must be aware of.

Special Announcements

  • Summer Bulbs

    We often think of planting bulbs as a Fall activity for Spring color, but there are many Summer Bulbs that can be planted now that bring bright color, cheer and sweet fragrances into our lives.

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Feed Mill

8/01 - 8/31/2014
We have a local Feed Mill! The feed is produced by our trusted staff and made with quality ingredients. Find Chick Feed, Hog Feed and more here. Give us a call for pricing and availability - we have cheap 100lb bags of feed!

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