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We Deliver! Delivery is available at an additional charge for any orders in our delivery area. Contact us for details and pricing!

Soil Testing

If you are looking for help or advice on the proper fertilizer needs for your lawn or field, we can help! Soil sample testing is available, starting at $28.

Propane Refills

We refill your tanks! No need to exchange – we will refill any propane tanks brought to us (in good working order).


We are proud to offer three varieties of Liquid feed supplements for dairy and beef cattle needs. These products may be feed as an additive to your TMR program or free choice via a lick tank on pasture or in pens on farm. Lick tanks are 300 gallons and are rated to service 25 head for approximately one month (depending on forage quality, size of animals and season of the year.)

We offer lick tank and bulk tanks to rent or purchase. We have programs for 6000-gallon on farm bulk tank storage. As well as quoting custom mixes for your on-farm needs. These would be primarily used to store product for use in a TMR program. These would typically work best in a larger Dairy setting offering storage of product for up to 800 animals.

We stock 3 varieties of Molasses that cover all of your herds Nutritional needs in any season.

Equine Fecal Tests and Feed Consults

We are happy to help maximize your feeding program with these wonderful tools. Equine Fecal testing for parasites is available on-site with quick results – this is an economical way to ensure you are properly deworming your horse. Feed consults on-farm are also available by appointment!

Custom Feed Mixes

HVFE can custom mix feed to fit your needs, for most animals. All of our feed ingredients are locally sourced and mixed right here in our own mill! Available bagged, in a SuperSack, or delivered in bulk. Contact us for more info and pricing.